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Crisis Translation Cards - Spanish/Fire

Crisis Translation Cards - Spanish/Fire
The Fastest way to get usable information across communication barriers in an emergency!
$ 25.00
Thanks to everyone who came by our booth at FDIC!
  • One in five households speak a language other than English
    • 12.8% of the US population speaks Spanish
  • There are 54 Million people with disabilities in the US
  • 20% of the US population has a problem communicating in English
  • Very few police or fire officers speak a second language
    • Even fewer speak it fluently enough for an emergency
    • Most have little to no training in dealing with disabilities

A critical situation isn’t the place for avoidable miscommunication.

Crisis Translation Cards help emergency responders overcome communication barriers and gather critical information about rescue situations, saving time and saving lives.

Using the Crisis Translation Cards is as simple as holding the cards out and directing the family member or bystander to look at them.  It really is that simple.  The cards are designed, and the deck is designed, to get the critical information right away and help emergency personnel build their incident plan.

Minimal training is required to get fire, EMS or law enforcement personnel to be able to quickly and efficiently use the cards to get the information that they need.

The Crisis Translation Cards fire deck is designed to help you ask the right questions, quickly and easily. These “point to answer” cards ask clear questions, and prompt simple yes or no answers. Choose the foreign language that is most commonly spoken in your area, and always be prepared.